The Effects of Fire and Smoke Damage 

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One of the worst damages that a household can experience is when the house gets on fire. Fire damage is one of the most traumatic and violent event anyone can imagine. Not only would it damage properties, it also shatter dreams and experiences. When you restore the house, it’s better that you call a professional who has an experience with fire damage restoration. Fire damage is dangerous so you shouldn’t try to do it on your own.  

Smoke Damage 

Thermal Damage 

One of the dangers of fire is the thermal or heat. It is created by the fire and disperses on every direction. Its heat affects anything if it’s too hot. It has the ability to open the pores of the substrates that allow the smoke to imbed into the materials’ surfaces. This will result to easy surface oxidation and smoke odor. The heat is often retained after the fire and will still affect anyone or anything it can encounter. Professionals are the one who knows how to deal with it.  

Smoke Damage 

The soot is the by-product of the incomplete combustion, and the heat pushes that to cover everything in its path. The smoke will travel until all the energy is used up. Soot is tested to be on the acidic side of pH scale and these materials are destructive. The smoke can affect paint or finish coatings because it cannot stand an acidic environment. The smoke is also the reason why short circuits happen and overheating of appliances.  

Structural Damage 

Warping of distortion from heat also known as deflection can create metal stresses which compromise the metallic components of a structure, and it also risks the physical structure of the property. So it’s obvious that when a fire happens, it can damage an entire property in a quick span of time. Testing and analysis to structure should be done.  

Pressure Damage 

One of the effects of fire is pressure damage. Properties with a good insulation can create more pressure and smoke. Water can also create a super-heated steam because it expands at a very high rate. The temperature and pressure damages any substrate. Once the property expands, it blows out doors and window glass and also lift roofs. Heavy equipment can also be moved.  

Water Damage 

Another damage that a fire can cause is water damage. Any water near the fire can cause much damage because of the super-heated steam it creates. This steam is a very powerful force. The power is then released, adding to the pressure conditions in the building. Like mentioned, it can affect structure and equipment.  

Chemical Residue 

There are many chemical residues after a fire, that’s why you shouldn’t venture in a restoration project on your own. The fire might create a waste stream of hydrocarbons, acids, and other hazardous chemicals. Potentially hazardous waste stream and potential hazards of decontamination should be handled by technicians that have skills and knowledge of disposing such waste materials while ensuring the safety of the site.  

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